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This week’s news with a comment by Simone Venturini (20-25 luglio 2015)

A biblical scroll’s fragment deciphered
A biblical scroll’s fragment with a passage from the book of Leviticus has been deciphered thanks to a high-tech solution. It has been dated at VI century CE and it was found at the very ancient synagogue of Eing Gedi (read the article)

A bad bible’s study leader
Accused of rape and sexual abuse a Bible’s group leader is in jail. Even the Bible’s study can be used for the worst human acts, especially when people abused is mentally disable!(read the article here)

Is it good to choose a church on the the base of the adherence to the biblical doctrine?
Probably if we want to look for a church that perfectly observes biblical doctrine we’ll never find it! We have to remember that church is just an human institution. Faith is not based on human institution but only on the Word of God. (read the article)

Spreading the Word in the world
Bible has been recently translated into a North Korean dialect. Translating the Bible is a very important task that needs of competence and love for men and women who want to know the Word of God. So we have to thank these people that has given a new and enduring light to korean people (read the article here)

Reading the Bible before the magistrate courts
A robber went down on his knees in the dock, read the bible and said Jesus wanted people to forgive each other and pleaded that the same be applied to him. And that’s true … the problem is that the human justice doesn’t match divine justice! (read the article here)

Simone Venturini


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