This week’s news (June 1-6, 2015)

DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: I know I should pray and read the Bible like I used to, but I just can’t find the time now. I’m a single mom with four children, and there’s never enough time to get everything done, and at night I’m just too tired. God understands this, doesn’t he? — B.J. DEAR B.J.: Yes, God certainly understands the pressures you face as a single parent; almost nothing, I know, is harder. (read more here)

Author, historian, and Bible prophecy expert, Michael D. Fortner’s latest book is, “The Fall of Babylon the Great America.” This new look at Bible prophecy presents strong evidence that there are three prophetic Babylons; political, economic, and cultural, all based in America. (read more here)

This is a two-for-the-price-of-one book. The real prize within its covers is an erudite, elegant and quietly impassioned plea from AN Wilson for us all, believers or not, to read the Bible more. The modern generation is missing out, he says, on the magnificence of its prose, the power of the stories it tells, and its extraordinary track record for inspiring the best and worst of human endeavours. (read more here)

Working together helps make things go farther. Wycliffe Bible Translators USAand Moody Radio are living proof of this, after recently working on a Bible translation project together. (read more here)

An online petition has been started by the American Family Association’s One Million Moms calling for Fox Network to scrap its plans to air a new television series called “Lucifer” in 2016, saying the program “mischaracterizes” Satan and “mocks the Bible.” (read more here)

Conservative TV preacher Pat Robertson said this week that the Internal Revenue Service had been wrong to strip the tax-exempt status from Bob Jones University after finding a ban on interracial dating to be discriminatory. A 700 Club report warned on Thursday that the U.S. government could strip religious schools of federal benefits if the Supreme Court ruled that bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional. (read more here)

The Catholic church is ideally suited to address the dangers of climate change, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, said Monday. Dolan’s remarks come as Pope Francis, who will visit New York in September, is preparing a major encyclical on climate change. The pope already has stated that he believes humans are mostly responsible for climate change and he has expressed concern about the effects of climate change on poor populations vulnerable to extreme weather. (read more here)

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