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This week’s news commented by Simone Venturini (October 26-31, 2015)

A very exciting Bible’s reading
A very famous actress like Scarlett Johansson tries to revitalize the interest around the Bible give her sultry voice to a very provocative Bible’s reading. I hope that this spectacular reading will enhance the people’s reading of the most famous book of the world. But I’m not so sure … (Read the article here)

An homophobic reverend
Rev Barry Trayhorn was acting as a volunteer chaplain at an institution for sex offenders when he recited the passage from the New Testament during a service. The verses from Corinthians include homosexuality in a long list of sins, along with adultery, theft and drunkeness. Mr Trayhorn said he wanted to explain to the congregation of inmates – many of whom have committed horrific sex abuse crimes – the Christian message that God will forgive those who repent. However, following the service he was given a final warning after his bosses ruled that he had breached equality laws because the verses criticized homosexuality. It may be that this reverend could be right in doing so, but the sex offenders imprisoned weren’t happy to hear that God didn’t like their previous  conduct! (Read the article here)

Fallen angels are demons!
Genesis’ book (chap. 6) speaks about the msteryious “nephilim”, i.e. “the fallen angels”, are indeed “demons” and not “angels”. I wonder if this information is useful to those people who read the Bible in a simple way, without asking themselves if a personage represents a particular heavenly reality. Bible ha to be explained in a simple way and not finding an obscure side in every page of it! (Read the article here)

Halloween and the Bible
It’s that time of year again. Halloween brings jack-o-lanterns, creepy costumes, haunted houses and ghost stories. It can get kind of scary, if you ask me. Did you know that the Bible addresses matters like ghosts, demons and witchcraft? Below are some verses from the Good Book about those bad things. But it’s not all fright and fear. The passages and verses below also provide instruction and hope. So without further ado, here they are! (Read the article here)

Simone Venturini


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