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This week’s news commented by Simone Venturini (October 19-24, 2015)

The “wicked” Bible
A Bible printed in 1631 say that you can commit adultery! But it is only a mistake …  it is the so called “Wicked Bible”. In this Bible we haven’t the exhortation “thou shalt not commit adultery, but “thou shall commit adultery” (Ex 20:14; Dt 5:18) (Read the article here)

The Bible is a book very dangerous
Pope Francis says that the Bible is a very dangerous book because many people are arrested or murdered for owning one. “There are more persecuted Christians in the world today than in the early days of the Church. And why are they persecuted? They are persecuted because they wear a cross and bear witness to Jesus. They are convicted because they own a Bible,” wrote Francis. So following the Bible, rightly interpreted, means really to change your life and that of many other people around us. (Read the article here)

The Word of God around the world
The number of scriptures distributed around the world by international Bible Societies broke the records with over 428.2 million, including 34 million full Bibles sold and given out — a 6 percent increase from the figure in 2013. (Read the article here)

The Bloody Bible
It is true that the Bible is full of murderers and blood. Some people has tried to eliminate from the Bible all the bloody episodes. They have solved just a few copies. People love the Bible because it is an human and divine book, full of contractions because it has been written by men and not angels! (Read the article here)

Simone Venturini


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