This week’s news commented by Simone Venturini (October 12-15, 2015)

A King James Bible’s translator notebook!
The American scholar Jeffrey Miller has found the notebook of Samuel Ward on of the 42 translators that worked at the King James Version in the seventeenth century. It is a very important discovery because it gives us precious informations about the copying process of the most important english Bible (Read the article here)

It the Bible toxic?
British evolutionary biologist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins asserted in a recent interview that the Bible is just as “toxic” as Islam’s holy book, the Quran. It depends all of the way by which people read and understand the Bible. All religious books can be toxic  if people read them literally (Read the article here)

Did archaeologists find the biblical Sodom?
Some archaeologists say to have found the biblical Sodom at the north of Dead Sea, in the ancient locality of Tall el-Hamaam, Jordan. It dates back between 3500 and 1540 BC and the archaeological finds match with the biblical accounts about Sodom (Gen 19). I will speak about this important discovery in my blog (Read the article here)

The God’s name banned from the university
A former student has filed a lawsuit against a Colorado university after being told he cannot inscribe Bible verses or the words “God, Lord or Jesus” on a nameplate for his $25,000 donation. The school, however, allowed others to engrave words like “hell” and “whiskey” on their nameplates. (Read the article here)

Putin and the Bible
Putin wants to exempt the Bible and Quran from being branded incitements to terrorism. It is a law that Wladimir Putin want to propose to the Russian Parliament. The law states that “Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism are an inseparable part of the historic legacy of the peoples who inhabit Russia.” The communism has clearly failed to remove Bible from the russian society! (Read the article here)

Simone Venturini


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