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This week’s news commented by Simone Venturini (November 23-28, 2015)

Using Bible against women
Counsellor and Feminist Joy-Ann Harrigan says that men use the Bible against women. Since the Bible was written by men, when they want to regain the control over women, assessing again their rights they use the Bible. (Read the article here) Nobody knows if the authors of the Bible were men or women. Even if the Gospel’s authors were men, it is highly possible that they had women that helped them in their work.

A precious tool for the Bible translators
International (Wycliffe Associates) — Wycliffe Associates, in partnership with the unfoldingWord Project, has launched the Unlocked Literal Bible, an open source Bible targeted for use by indigenous Bible translators. It was developed by the unfoldingWord editorial board. (Read the article here)

Reading religious books at the University
“After successfully introducing teachings of Gita in the school curriculum, the Madhya Pradesh government is also planning to introduce teachings of Bible, Quran and Guru Granth Sahib in the 2016-2017 academic session. “All religions preach tolerance, peace and harmony. There is nothing wrong in introducing teachings of other religions in the school curriculum. The education department has made a proposal in this regard.” This is a nice enterprise worth of a peaceful and good people like that of India. I hope that also nations like Italy, France and Germany could introduce (not academic) reading of the Bible, Quran and other religious book. Peace is the most important gift to donate to our sad world (Read the article here)

If you want to trust the Bible
Do you believe the Bible can be trusted? Does it contain absolute truth? I, as have millions of others, have leaned on the Scriptures for many years during difficult and trying time of heartache and sorrow for comfort, wisdom, and counsel. I believe all words in Scripture were written through holy men by the Holy Spirit (inspired) and to be completely true (inherent) and trustworthy (infallible). (Read the article here)

Simone Venturini


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