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This week’s news commented by Simone Venturini (November 2-7, 2015)

Bible and politics
Can the Bible give support to a particular politic wing? In USA the Christian Right often uses the Bible to confirm his view about world and society. Christina wing is used to take the Bible literally. Donald Trump says that the Bible is “like a movie” because it contains historical facts. But exegesis says, instead, that the Bible has been written many centuries after the narrated facts. So, it is important to grasp the message of a biblical text and not the content itself. But politicians are not exegetes! (Read the article here)

Swear on the Bible!
A Georgia teenager claims that a teacher forced her to swear on the Bible that she was not pregnant before she would allow her to join her public school’s student government. Chasity Norwood, 17, was excited to start her senior year at Jackson High school in Jackson, Georgia, until the adviser for a club she’d been in for three years put her in a terribly unfair – and perhaps illegal – situation. (Read the full article here)

Harry Potter versus Bible
“Recently a couple of Harvard students set up Harry Potter As A Sacred Text, a reading group that takes the beloved series as a source of humanist contemplation, bringing readers together each month to explore the philosophical themes that unite J.K Rowling’s seven novels.” I’m a Harry Potter fan too. I’m convinced that Harry Potter’s books represent a true literature’s masterpiece. But I also believe that Bible and Christianism have inspired Harry Potter, as J. K. Rowling has said some years ago (Read the article here)

Bible’s post it
Students in an informal Bible study group in Johnson County recently placed 1,600 Post-it notes with Bible verses on lockers at the two high schools they attend. They saw very different reactions. (Read the article here)

Bible doesn’t justify abortion!!
Robert Brunson – Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, South Fort Myers – says that  C. A. Farrington‘s statement that “there is nothing in the Bible to indicate that a fetus is anything other than living tissue and, according to Scripture, it does not become a living being until after it has taken a breath” is not true. Here you’ll find his very interesting observations (Read the article here)

Simone Venturini


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