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The Rewritten Bible

Cover jpegI wore it again and fully the role of Biblist in a new and unprecedented publishing initiative: rewriting the Bible!

In other words, I explored thoroughly the first three chapters of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible, word for word, seeking above all the profound meaning. I did not then made a simple translation, as there are so many. I explained the text better, often dark and difficult, adding words and expressions easily understandable to the modern reader, who lives 2,500 years after the ancient authors of the Bible.

Not only! I added a brief comment to each verse translated or rewritten. I answer basic questions for man: Does evil come from God? Why men and women suffer? Why men and women cannot always to do what they wants?

The result is this little book that you can read here a little taste (or click here). You can order in several ways:

  • ordering it at your bookseller in confidence;
  • directly from the publisher online (click here) or from the amazon.it (click here)
  • by writing to the editor (click here) and giving your name, surname and address where to ship the book. You can also, if you want, write to me (click here)

It could be an appreciated gift and very cheap! 

Simone Venturini


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