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The Pentateuch: A Long History of Study and Research (Fourth part)

The Elohist. This source is called Elohist because before the Sinai’s accounts God is always called Elohim. In the early stages of research on the Pentateuch it was regarded as the most important source, as was attributed to this source what will be later assigned to the source P. It is the source who is slowly disappearing.

There are only a few passages attributed to this source. Before being fused together with Jawhista (the so called Jehovista), at the time of Hezekiah, probably it existed as an independent source and originated in the north, in the Kingdom of Israel. The source is very close to the prophecy and in fact Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Moses are all presented as prophets. Like all the prophets, they had dreams and visions.

Probably the source came forth from the prophets, as the first and fundamental reconstruction of the earliest phase of the history of Israel. The most important issues for the Elohist are the fear of God (e.g. Gen 15:1) and the Horeb’s covenant that J and P call the Sinai’s covenant. The source is generally dated to the ninth century BC

Simone Venturini


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