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The kingdom of darkness (Genesis chap. 1, vers. 4)

“And God separated the light from the darkness” (Genesis ch. 1 , vers . 4 ). God – Elohìm – separates light from darkness, because God had seen that the light was good, because it conformed to his will, while the darkness – in Hebrew chòsheq – obviously did not. In my book L’inganno del cherubino guardiano I dwelt at length on the meaning of the Hebrew chòsheq.

So the darkness doesn’t correspond to the will of God, because obviously it is not willed by God, and yet darkness existed before the creation of light and, probably, before the very creation of the earth! In fact, taking Genesis 1:2 as the continuation of verse 1, after the creation of all things – that is “heavens and the earth” – the earth was “without form and void” and darkness hovered over it.

Maybe that the second verse doesn’t represent the continuation of the first one, or maybe also that between the first and the second verse it happened something that the author of the story didn’t want to tell us. Perhaps when God created “heavens and earth” the darkness didn’t even exist; they might have come later, after a “mythical” rebellion took place in heaven (cf. Ezekiel ch. 28). This is an hypothesis that I checked thoroughly in my book L’inganno del cherubino guardiano.

However, the darkness in the Bible represents the evil (eg . Proverbs 2:13) and should not be confused with the night (see Genesis 1:5 ) which replaces the day after the sun has set and therefore the night is equivalent to the absence of the light. Instead darkness is a “presence” that the New Testament even defines as “kingdom” (cf. Luke 22:53 ). However starting from the very first pages of the Bible, God holds full control over darkness, because he has separated it from the light, reserving them a “space “, just like the sea that is another biblical symbol of evil (cfr. Job 38:8-11 ) .

Light and the darkness could be also defined as two dimensions: the former belongs to God and the latter to evil, in other words two different and incompatible dimensions … between these two worlds there is the human one, who can be part with God’s or the evil’s work, it’s up to us

Simone Venturini


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