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The “Bible and beyond” news of this week (December 14-19, 2015)

Bible and violence
I warmly suggest to read this very interesting article. Bible has been written in times and places very different from our times. This is the key to understand correctly biblical texts (Read the article here)

Bible and Star Wars
Often the greatest films of the history has been inspired by the Bible’s language. In fact, the Bible is the “great code” of the western culture. Also Star Wars has been inspired by some biblical verses (Read the article here)

Bible and secular Institutions
It is not easy for christian students to face the oppositions to their faith by their colleagues. In this article it will be shown as to face this oppositions using the Bible (Read the article here)

The Bible says ..
In this fascinating article it is said that the Bible doesn’t say anything else than the reader’s interpretations. This is true, but interpretation is a crucial issue when we read the Bible, written more than 3000 years ago! The problem is the intention of the Bible’s interpreter! (Read the article here)

Simone Venturini


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