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Maschera_contro_gli_spiriti_maligni,_600-400_ac._ca.We all have a favorite story, sometimes it’s the one that mom or dad told us when we were little children. Fairy tales have always had the power to get us into a magical and archetypal world, i.e. the kingdom of fantasy and imagination. Tales have the force to revisit our reality, exorcizing fears.

The fairy tale of Collodi’s genius – Pinocchio – one of the few Italian fairy tales exported all over the world is able to expresses the sweetness of a paternity that transforms a wooden baby into a real boy. Geppetto who hugs Pinocchio, despite all his disobedience, is similar to ‘the embrace of the Father in the parable of the Prodigal son (Lk 15). A reassuring message that comes from a father who seems to say “I’ll always love you. There is no wrong action that can change this”

Snow White is instead the tale about the maternal envy. Snow White was hated by her stepmother because Snow White was more beautiful than her. It is necessary that Snow White abandons his mother to not to be killed and so finding her happiness.

Cinderella represents the transition to adult sexuality. At the beginning, Cinderella takes care of sparrows and mouses. These little animals represent the infantile sexuality. In fact these animals names are still used by someone to explain to children their sexual diversity. When Cinderella cries desperately for its inadequacy in presenting herself to the prince, appears the fairy that turns a pumpkin into a coach. The pumpkin is the symbol of the transformation of the female body during puberty inside the coach that will lead her to the prince. The climax of the fairy tale is the highly symbolic insertion his bare foot in the shoe.

The fairy tales continue to inspire the filmmaking. Snow White and Cinderella have been recently re-proposed in the form of adult movies with a public consensus which underlined their immortality in the collective imagination. Pretty Woman is a clear revisitation of the Cinderella’s plot: the magic that comes from believing in your dreams and love.

Also Mary Poppins is very inspiring. She is a kind of fairy came to save the father of Jane and Michael and permitting him to rediscover his inner child who risked to die. I like too much this fairy tale. Mary Poppin’s mission also became my mission. To be psychotherapists means to listen, to protect and to give expression to the child that is inside every man and every woman. The tales remind us of the child within us, without which there can not be freedom and joy. On this subject also The Little Prince teaches us a lot of things.

I’m sure that also you have a fairy tale that has inspired your life. The important thing is to never forget to be children, giving joy in your life.

Simone Venturini


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