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Course on the Pentateuch – Exegesis of Exodus 14 – The drying of the Red Sea

In Exodus 14, as we have said, there are two different stories, cast and adapted by the author. The first, which we have seen, is the story of the true miracle, the so-called parting of the Red Sea made by God through his servant Moses. The second is a somewhat more…

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The Pentateuch – Introduction (Third part)

Let’s take the Pentateuch as a story, beginning to evaluate its characteristics. It is composed of three basic parts: Genesis 1-11:26 [at v. 26 ends the story of the origins]: God and humanity Genesis 11:27 [at v. 27 begins the Terach family’s story] -50:26: God and the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and…

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