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The “Bible & beyond” news (December 7-12, 2015)

Bible or Quran? Two Dutch filmmakers have recorded people’s horrified reactions to being read gruesome verses from the Bible – disguised as the Koran. Director Alexander Spoor said he carried out the experiment to put Christianity under the same scrutiny Islam has received since the Paris terror attacks last months.He took to the…

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This week’s news commented by Simone Venturini (November 23-28, 2015)

Using Bible against women Counsellor and Feminist Joy-Ann Harrigan says that men use the Bible against women. Since the Bible was written by men, when they want to regain the control over women, assessing again their rights they use the Bible. (Read the article here) Nobody knows if the authors of…

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This week’s news (29 june – 4 july, 2015)

Interesting article about believers that don’t know the Bible, because they didn’t read it! So what’s the true Bible’s meaning? How christians and other believers can oppose the current world trend without condemning anyone? “Bible believers are beside themselves about the prospect that marriage norms and laws are changing, but let me…

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