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Simone Venturini, Il vangelo del bambino interiore (Città Nuova 2008)

This is my favourite book that I wrote when my eldest son, Raffaele, was two years old. At that time, usually I was getting up at half past five, I was putting my child in the crub at my side, while I was writing the text on my computer. Then I was convinced that my destiny was to become a university professor and I wrote that book just for that purpose. So, I asked my friend Piero Coda to host my book it in the series “Contributi di Teologia”. The Publisher “Città Nuova” ask me € 4000 as a contribution for publishing the book! The sum was later reduced to 1,400 euro! This is one of the reasons that lead me to create a new online publishing house, that ask its authors no money.
Apart from these curiosities , “Il Vangelo del bambino interiore” was a commentary of the first four chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. Before writing it, I’ve studied for at least three years the books of the great French philosopher Paul Ricoeur who opened my mind and my heart to new dimensions of the Bible. The underlying theme was the so called “inner child”, that is the existential condition about which Jesus speaks in the gospels, and that is a condition to enter the “kingdom of heaven” .
Unfortunately, I was then very naïve and the publisher made me sign a contract providing for no payment of royalties. Recommended by some friends, after this sad experiences, I decided to start my own editorial project dedicated to Bible and Religion. (You can buy this book at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.it/vangelo-bambino-interiore-lettura-Matteo/dp/8831132962/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411193108&sr=8-1&keywords=il+vangelo+del+bambino+interiore)

Simone Venturini


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