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Reading Scripture Together: A Comparative Qur’an and Bible Study Guide

What is genuine dialogue between a Christian and Muslim?

First, it is not an agreement that all paths up the spiritual mountain to God are equal and equally valid. This pluralism is an insult to people of faith who believe their religion is true.

Second, neither is an “I’m right, you’re wrong,” closed-minded, tit-for-tat exchange a genuine dialogue. While dialogue partners may well believe they are correct, they maintain a deep respect for the other person.

Genuine dialogue is sharing your beliefs with someone else while at the same time learning about his or hers. It is talking about them openly and honestly, valuing similarities and acknowledging differences. It seeks to know why these differences exist and to evaluate their validity. Genuine dialogue is forged in the crucible of friendship and can culminate in some of the most meaningful sharing you will ever experience.

We hope that you will experience that kind of dialogue through the seven sessions of this study guide, which takes you into the text of the Bible and the Qur’an.

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Simone Venturini


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