Publishing house

After opening the facebook fan page, this blog is the second step of my project whose goal is the creation of a publishing house online. The third step is the publication of booklets written by me in ebook format and in printed form. The future publishing house will publish not only essays written in a very simple form, but also novels and fantasy books directly or indirectly related to Bible or religion in general .
My first booklet will be a “rewriting” of the first three chapters of Genesis from the hebrew original text. There will be simple introductions to the various parts of the text and some explanations of difficult Hebrew words, so that the text may be understandable to all people and not just to Jews or Christians. In fact, the Genesis text contains a very important message for the world today.
For now, I urge you to grow the facebook fan page dedicated to the project, where you’ll find interesting discussions about the Bible and its world. I also invite you to read and follow the posts of my new blog, which replaces and develops the project of the first one.

Simone Venturini


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