Publishing ebooks on Bible and Religion

imageNow more than ever, it is important to know the Bible. Religious dialogue needs men and women that know their sacred texts. The Old Testament is the most important sacred text of the world, because Judaism, Christianity and Islam come from it. So not only Jews, but also Christians and Muslims should study it as the the main source of their creed.

This blog is part of a publishing project that will start the next fall. A series of ebooks will be published with the Kindle Direct Publishing platform of Amazon. They will be simple and short guides to the Old Testament’s books. The first ebook will be a guide to the entire Old Testament and it will be free. It will represent a kind of gift to all those people who are interested in having a basic and correct Bible knowledge. After the first ebook, other ones will be published in the following months, so that you may build your digital library about Old Testament’s Introduction.

Soon will be activated the Blog’s newsletter to keep you informed about publishing projects, blogs’ posts and to receive some gifts. To do all this I need your collaboration. So if you have a biblical or theological competence and you wish to write ebooks to spread Bible knowledge all over the world send an email to this email’s address:

Yours Simone

Simone Venturini


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