Playing with life is a sin against God

“Fidelity to the Gospel of life and respect for life as a gift from God sometimes require choices that are courageous and go against the current, which in particular circumstances, may become points of conscientious objection,” Francis said in a address to the Italian Catholic Doctors’ Association. “The dominant thinking sometimes suggests a “false compassion”, that which retains that it is: helpful to women to promote abortion; an act of dignity to obtain euthanasia; a scientific breakthrough to “produce” a child and to consider it to be a right rather than a gift to welcome; or to use human lives as guinea pigs presumably to save others,” the Pope said in his speech.

Instead, the Pope pointed out, “the compassion of the Gospel is that which accompanies in times of need, that is, the compassion of the Good Samaritan, who “sees”, “has compassion”, approaches and provides concrete help.” “Human life is always sacred and always “of quality”. There is no human life that is more sacred than another, as there is no human life qualitatively more significant than another, only by virtue of resources, rights, great social and economic opportunities.” Francis underlined that human life “is always sacred, valuable, and inviolable.”

The Pope also emphasised today’s paradox: Improved treatment options but a lesser capacity to care for people, particularly those who are fragile: “the sick, the elderly, children and the disabled.” “There is no doubt that, in our time, due to scientific and technical advancements, the possibilities for physical healing have significantly increased; and yet, in some respects it seems the ability to “take care” of the person has decreased, especially when he is sick, frail and helpless. In fact, the achievements of science and of medicine can contribute to the improvement of human life to the extent that they are not distanced from the ethical root of these disciplines.”

“Be careful, experimenting and playing with life is a sin against God the Creator,” the pope said speaking off the cuff. This happens when people “consider it to be [their] right” to produce children “rather than [see it] a gift”. The same goes for “euthanasia”.

“Attention to human life, especially that in greatest difficulty, that is, to the sick, the elderly, children, deeply involves the mission of the Church. The Church also feels called to participate in the debate that relates to human life, presenting its proposal based on the Gospel,” Francis recalled. He then referred to St. Camillo de Lellis “suggesting the most effective method in caring for the sick, would simply say: “Put more heart into those hands.” “This is also my hope. May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Salus infirmorum, support the intentions with which you intend to continue your action,” Francis said ending his address to the 7000 doctors gathered today in the Nervi Audience Hall.

Francis described the Church as a field hospital. This image perfectly describes the environment in which we work on a daily basis. A place so many suffering people come to in the hope of receiving effective treatment as well as messages of love and mercy,” the President of the Italian Catholic Doctors’ Association, Professor Filippo Maria Boscia said in his greeting to the Pope. On behalf of all doctors he concluded his message by wishing the Pope a long and healthy life. (Article of Giacomo GaleazziVatican Insider)

Simone Venturini


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