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Does faith depend on apparitions?

180px-Holy_Virgin_Gospa_from_Tihajlin_next_to_MeđugorjeThere have been many hypocritical comments and reflections at the end of what the Pope recently said about the of Medjugorie’s apparitions. As if all depended on the words of a pontiff while returning from Fatima! But faith depends from apparitions or from the Pope? Certainly not. Faith depends on God.

What does it changes for a believer – or what should change – if a Pope says that he has serious doubts about the apparitions of Medjugorie? He did not say that people hasn’t to go to Medjugorie anymore. He only expressed his doubts, based on very accurate research and information. As if everything we believe had to have a kind of nihil obstat, a placet. For Christians Peter has to lead the Church. So if he says has serious doubts about Medjugorje, it means that something doesn’t work. But this doesn’t mean that Medjugorie is ALL wromg.

But to some people things change radically. It changes for everyone who made business. It changes for the seers, who have become pop stars admired and heard all over the world. But wath really does it change for those people who use mind and heart? If one is sure of something, there is nothing in the world that can make him change his mind. No one is obliged to believe in Medjugorie, in Fatima or in Lourdes. Each people is free to believe to everyone he wants!

The real matter concerns the maturity of Christians, at sixty years from the Second Vatican Council. The Council has empowered the laity, saying that by virtue of their Baptism, they are agents of evangelization, of human promotion; they are prophets, kings and priests. We have to become convinced of it. The Pope’s role is not – at least not more – to condemn, to destroy the faith of the people, but to elevate it, to deepen it, to make it more and more appopriate to the times that we live. The fact is that we must then be a little less hypocritical and tell us and say things as they are.

What does it really change for Christians if the Pope would say that the apparitions of Medjugorie are false? Nothing! Everyone is free to believe. Perhaps it is time to look a little further forward, to approach people who are totally refractory, not just to phenomena such as apparitions, but to God. Certainly, you could bring some in Medjugorie, so perhaps he will find faith again. This could happen, of course. But how many millions people do not know what hope is? People who will never tell you any of their problems! But what people want to hear something from catholics with a closed or fideistic mind? Some people is in line with Pope only when he says something they want to hear and see. But if a pope says something not in line with their way of thinking, that pope, bishop or priest is heretic! 

It is time to properly evaluate what is the fruit of our imagination and what is real. True faith is not based on ideas and doctrines, but on the fertile ground of our soul, where God lives. God can be found without move from our home! We have to look inside us and not outside, finding there the reasons to give hope and courage to ourselves and to others … 

Simone Venturini


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