Madonna speaks about prayer and angels

For us praying means join hands, putting aside everything can disturb concentration on God, to whom we direct our requests or praises. Even the pop star Madonna has recently spoke about prayer. Interviewed by David Blaine, Madonna said that according to her opinion “The ritual of prayer isn’t a religious thing as much as it is having a ritualistic moment to acknowledge things and not take things for granted … For instance: the fact that you wake up and there’s air in your lungs; the fact that you have a job to do; the fact that you have friends; the fact that you have your health. You’re going to do something that’s going to bring you joy. We take these things for granted. And, you know, I think it’s important to call angels to you to protect you.”

So prayer is “not to take things for granted”, living the life and being conscious that all you live has to give you joy. So prayer for Madonna “is not a religious thing”.

Madonna, grown by a devout mother, is right when she says that all act of our life are prayers, but is not right saying that this isn’t a religious thing. Is not a religious thing to those who think that prayer is only a series of gestures, words to repeat every day in the same way. Prayer is also this, but not only this.

Madonna have had a very classic religious education, and is not used to consider prayer what prayer really is: “take nothing for granted”, but living every moment of our life like it was the last one. From this comes from the praise and the true prayer, a very deep religious act!
Madonna was also interviewd about angels. She believes that angels exist, and that everyone has an angel who protect him. Madonna’s mother was one of them.
According to my opinion Madonna has two faces: that of the popstar that exploits religion for artistic purposes, often drifting into blasphemy; but it seems that she also has a religious soul, that is very different from what she shows to all of us when singing. Why these very famous pop stars don’t give messages to young people that come from their true religious soul … they need them! (Post based on the artiche appeared in “Christian Today”)

Simone Venturini


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