Learning Biblical Hebrew (Lesson 27)

“The purpose of this lesson is to review the material of lessons 1-26. We read Ruth 3:1-4, 6-9 and focus on grammatical phenomena that we have already taught.
One interesting word in the lesson is: “Goren”.
The גֹּרֶן “threshing-floor” is the place where the grain is gathered. It was located close to the city, apparently near the city gates. Two main things were done at the threshing-floor. First was the threshing (דַּיִשׁ), in which the chaff was separated from the grain. Then came the winnowing (זְרִיָּה), in which the grain and the chaff were thrown into the air. The wind would blow away the lighter chaff, and the heavier grain would fall back to the ground.” (From the Youtube’s video description)

Simone Venturini


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