J K Rowling and the Christian faith

After the publication of her last book – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – the Telegraph reported an interview that J K Rowling released in America, where the famous writer eventually decided to speak about his books religious background and about her personal experience.

J K Rowling said that the religious parallels have always been obvious to her but that she never wanted to talk too openly. This is one of the J K Rowling books features that I like, because this is the best way to communicate effectively an important message.

Rowling said also that the two biblical quotations inscribed on Harry Potter’s grave sum up, almost epitomise, the whole series. Why? The first quotation is from the First letter of St. Paul to Corinthians (chap. 15, verse 26): The last enemy to be destroyed is deathAs to the Rowling’s personal faith in life after death, she said that she still wrestled with the concept of an afterlife. She said also that the life after death preoccupies her a lot. It may be that writing books like Harry Potter is a way to exorcise fear of death, to assure herself that death is not the end of all …

The second quotation is from the Matthew’s Gospel (chap. 6, vers. 19-21): For where your treasure is, there your heart will be alsoNarrative gradually reveal its main characters inner motivations, if they struggle against evil or if they are partisan of the darkness. In so doing narrative reveals also the characters fate, if positive or negative depending of their actions. Probably is this the sense of J K Rowling words that the biblical quotations, especially the second one, sum up … the whole series.


Simone Venturini


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