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It was good (Genesis chap. 1, vers. 4)

“And God saw that the light was good ” (Genesis 1:4). In Hebrew, the word thov means that something is “beautiful and good.” “Good” doesn’t mean primarily a moral quality, that is not a judgment, but the correspondence between the work created and the will of God. Therefore, thov could also have a third meaning, in addition to beautiful and good. It could also mean “true”, because creation is not the result of a forgery.

It is said that God saw that the light was good – in Hebrew the verb “to see” is raàh – because he certifies the nature of light as something conforming to his divine nature .

The author repeats several times that the works of creation are good, but he will never use the adjective – with the exception of man – to qualify only one of these works: the creation of light (see Genesis 1,9:10; 1,11:12 ). Probably in this way he wanted to show the superiority of what was created, as compared with all other realities. The creation of light is the most important work in the creation, probably because it is made of the very substance of God and the Light also is the world God belongs to.

Simone Venturini


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