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Is there any difference between soul and spirit?

I’m happy to speak about a book, published by Aracne, on a very important theological issue and on which rarely someone has written something more interesting …

Alessio Brombin, Il respiro dell’anima. Distinzione teologico–filosofica tra anima e spirito, Aracne 2014

“What is the difference between soul and spirit? Often people thinks that these are interchangeable words, thus diminishing the inexhaustible richness of human interiority . In a time when material things take precedence over spirituality it is important to discover what binds together corporeality and spirituality. The book examines the words evolution in the history of thought and in the theological reflection.

The first part of the book is dedicated to a brief ethimological analysis of the Hebrew and Greek words. Then we examine the Holy Scriptures informations about the words in order to understand how they are used in different biblical books and genres. The third part is a reflection on the past theological and philosophical speculation, giving particular attention to the relationship between the two words starting from the early centuries. In the fourth part we study the meaning of the words in the Church teaching from the Second Vatican Council until our days.

The book ends with an overview of the research’s results, introducing also to some interesting recent neuroscience studies in which there are interesting progresses on the understanding of man’s dimensional complexity.” (Here you can read some pages of the book)

Simone Venturini


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