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In a Dry, Cold Place

ashraf-fayadh(By Ashram Fayadh) Everything will remain the same, together with frequent toothaches
Disappointment is stuck in my throat just like a sharp fish bone
The cello, which was beautifully leaning on your left thigh!

Natural disasters will also persist
Because the earth, just like us .. is feeling chronically fatigued!
Earth is a large piece of coal .. partially submerged with water
And cigarette ash is softer than petals of a blooming flower!
I will catch nausea
I will keep watching the cigarette that gradually and monotonously loses shape
Pretending that the time for joy is not yet due
And remembering the taste of strawberries very well.. the taste that used to entirely satisfy your ego as the most accurate resemblance to your beloved nipple!

In its turn the seed…is terrified by the idea of turning into trees
Just like me; terrified of waking from my sleep, and facing a new day
Plants for their good luck; they don’t have nervous system!

Persist on seeking your dream, and I will persist seeking my reality
Because reality for both of us is unreliable
My mind runs far away
Vanishes like smoke in a well-ventilated room
Climbs the cold it’s windows with unmatched courage
The need for air may precede the need for warmth
Only then, we will be normal living creatures!

Let more coldness infiltrate
Spin the moon dial downwards
Let the sea retreat, turn off the stars
Cut off the power supply from the streets

Release your fingers slightly
I want to see your face clearly
Our visions of things may differ
Although we have almost the same eyes
However, we share a vision with the huge dirt on the surface of this planet
And beyond our story full of dramatic scenes, we have different brains

We were both right ..
The day is the lie that helps us see things for what they are, but temporarily
The night is the fact that we are opaque objects, that move over an opaque spherical mass hanging in the space
The details of the moon are confused and camouflaged
Just like an effervescent tablet
Swimming in a half-empty cup of water!
Take your evening coffee with the passion that you earlier left to rust
I will tear yesterday apart and throw it through the window
I will clean the ashtray for the sixth time
And repeat the same song whenever the construction workers make rude noises at the nearby building

It was possible for the human being to remain primitive
To reproduce sexually on a regular basis
But the insisting human need to maintain the shape of a herd
Had forced him to make cash papers lighter than salt slabs, and inedible!
I cannot miss you; I need to preserve my mental health
I need to preserve calmness that allows night insects
And, barking of distant dogs
And, some of the cars passing on the nearby street … doing the same thing .. just for fun
We cannot see tomorrow
Time, is the only thing that our senses cannot realize .. that is why
we move into the past tense very quickly
We cannot do anything about this!

Coldness dominates the morning
Smoke is rising in rings like a deeply yawning mouth
My relationship with time is still tense
And I need to sleep a little!

Simone Venturini


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