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Get your book reviewed or published!

This blog is dedicated to Bible and Religion. Articles are written in a simple and straightforward style, even though are well-informed; space is allowed not only to Bible essays, but also to books that contain references to the Bible and Religion.

So I ask you to inform me of newly published books about Bible and Religion or books that contain references to Bible and Religion as for examples romances, novels or short stories. Authors may send their book in exchange for a review.

If you are want to inform me of new published books on Bible and Religion send an email to venturini@simoneventurini.it For all those interested in reviewing their book sending me a copy to this address: via Cottolengo , 1-00165 – ROME . You can also send me a brief description of your not published manuscript for an evaluation; in fact we could decide to publish your manuscript with our future publishing house. Thank you in advance for your collaboration!

Simone Venturini


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