Elderly people’s holidays

DSC_7923Summer holidays are just around the corner and many are wondering what to do to make full use of the holiday time as an opportunity to really regenerate ourselves. This is especially true for those who are in full work and need to rest from the daily routine. It is not so clear what it means “to rest” for elderly people.

Until not long ago it was thought the elderly as people who wish to stay at home. Today, instead, is universally recognized that the desire to know, to move and to fun doesn’t end with the third age. Travel agencies and territorial institutions offer special package for elderly people. Aged people want usually spend holidays in relaxing places by the sea and peaceful mountain locations. There are also special packages for staying abroad, visiting new places and exchanging new ideas and points of view. Anyway, elderly people need holidays in which to refresh the spirit, to play, to socialize and to know other people.

It is important to pay attention to the holidays’ proposals, analyzing the activities offered and the presence of trained and qualified personnel, who is able to carry out recreation programs or cultural tourism. If it is true that young people need of time to do nothing, elderly people instead need to rediscover the beauty of a full-time activity. But if it impossible to take an holiday, people who stay at home also need of time of relax and amusement. 

Grandparents raising grandchildren need to recover space for the couple, walking in the countryside or visiting arts cities. Elderly people sick need instead of the companionship and comfort of loved ones. Who loves reading can find the companionship of good books. Who, as myself, loves cinema can choose this way to relax.

Anyway, it is essential to feel that you have the right to dedicate times for leisure activities. You have the right to rediscover the joy in the life, also when hairs are white after so many years at work.

Dr Letizia Cingolani lives in Rome. If you want to contact her you can write at this mail address: letizia.cingolani@libero.it

(Originali pubbliche in “Persone e Società” – ANAP)

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