Did you know that I have been a seminarist?

Why are you so interested in Theology, a subject which marked your studies, but also your work as a writer?

As a child, I remember, often I was readind the Gospel to my aunt, saying her that I wanted to study those great things. Then my passion for the Bible was interpreted as a vocation to priesthood. In short, my Vicar suggested me to become a priest, even though that was not my wish. However, I entered the Seminary that I left just a year after, because I loved life too much and I loved women … but I continued to study Theology and Biblical studies in Rome at the Pontifical Biblical Institute.
Even my passion for writing dates back to the period of childhood, because my mother bought me a typewriter, that I used to a such an extent that the keys were completely worn out!

Professor, archivist, writer, what role do you prefer?

Biblicist and writer, because they are my favourite daily occupations.

With Pope Francis Church has radically changed its face and it has acquired new appeal even among young people. How you lived and how you interprets this phase?

When Ratzinger resigned, my Editor suggested me to write an instant book” on Benedict XVI. I accepted the proposal and I wrote the book in no more than ten days: Il libro segreto di papa Ratzinger. So I experienced that dramatic change personally and I must say that it has been an historic event whose incalculable consequences for the Church will be fully understood only in a few years … I remember that while I was in St. Peter’s Square with my son looking forward to the announcement of the name of the new pope, I was called by TgCom to be interviewed live after the election of the Pope. It was a memorable evening, because I had the privilege to comment live and in front of millions and millions of people the historic election of Francis.

So much religion in your books, going against the prevailing atheist trend. Did you plan to write other things?

Certainly, and in fact I have a manuscript, yet not finished, where I talk about the adventures of a nine year old boy  it’s a fantasy that I will publish in the future.

From your blog you announced that your next book will be self-published. Why?

This is the first step towards the creation of a new publishing house, which will give space to all those who write interesting things (fiction and not fiction) and which are usually excluded from italian editors now in a state of crisis. My future books will be digital but also in paperback, even though I sell them online. Another news is that the books will be published in Italian and in English …

Last books you read and loved

Most of the time I read essays on biblical studies and I have to devote the rest of the time to family. Sometimes I dabble in other kind of eadings. I’ve been reading The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett. But my favorites are Harry Potter and Twilight.

By Remo Valitutto – PJMagazine

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