Christian hip hop

During an exclusive interview hip hop artist Shopè speaks about his deep faith’s experience and about his last EP (Don’t let me stop). He says that people may recover courage and hope when they see that the Gospel is not a book but a reality that touches our life.

Shopè says also that “it’s not a problem to be vulnerable and confused and we don’t have to beat our chest in”. In fact, Jesus has come to the earth to call sinners (cf. Luke chap. 5, verse 32) and even pope Francis has said that we can make an authentic faith’s experience when we sin but at the same time we trust in God. Sins are a privileged place where we can find God

“God will meet us where we are, and take us to where he is. Then calls you to be a role model not because you’re perfect … ” This is the core of the Gospel’s message and it is very important that artists speaks about God. Music is a powerful way to communicate Gospel’s message to world that has chosen to live without God. (See original article in Hallels)

Simone Venturini


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