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Becoming a Vaticanist

My friend’s book – Becoming a Vaticanist: Religious Information in the Digital Age – is an indispensable tool for those people who want to become a Vaticanist – i.e. a journalist covering the Vatican – in complex times such as ours. Today it is very easy to follow the dominant current or the…

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Books to read

Also this month I offer to you a selection of Italian books really read and reviewed by Daniele Borghi. This post is dedicated to Italians working and living all around the world: “Per molti anni Carlotto è stato uno degli scrittori che ho letto con maggior piacere. “Il fuggiasco” e…

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The Oxford History of Islam

“Lavishly illustrated with over 300 pictures, including more than 200 in full color, The Oxford History of Islam offers the most wide-ranging and authoritative account available of the second largest–and fastest growing–religion in the world. John L. Esposito, Editor-in-Chief of the four-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World, has…

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