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What does it mean to be disciples of Jesus? (First part)

Luke understands the discipleship primarily as the recipients of Jesus’ training until they are commissioned to continue his work (22:28-30; 24:47). [The mission of the disciples will begin in the second volume of the Lukan work: The Acts of the Apostles]. One of the ways Luke helps to build a…

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Acceptance of God’s Will – From Abraham to Mary (First part)

There is an hebrew word in the Bible often used in particularly important moments: Hinnenî i.e. Here I am or better Here I am. Rashi mantains that is the answer of pious people. The expression indicates submission and readiness (Commentary on Genesis 22: 1). It expresses also the ubmission to God’s plan,…

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Christian Meditation: from the Mind to the Heart

(By Melania Stefani – Centro Formazione Meditazione Cristiana) Meditation is normally acknowledged as a healthy practice, aimed at creating inner balance. With specific techniques, the intention is to somewhat “cleanse” the mind from the many thoughts that crowd it up, which often cause negative tensions and emotions. However, the mind is…

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