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The Theologian of the poor

Almost fifty years ago, Father Gustavo Gutierrez gave a lecture at the University of Montreal to speak on the topic “The Church and poverty.” It was then, as noted by the same Gutierrez, who began to shape his theological thought related to the special relationship between poverty and the Gospel.…

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Is there any difference between soul and spirit?

I’m happy to speak about a book, published by Aracne, on a very important theological issue and on which rarely someone has written something more interesting … Alessio Brombin, Il respiro dell’anima. Distinzione teologico–filosofica tra anima e spirito, Aracne 2014 “What is the difference between soul and spirit? Often people…

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Publishing house

After opening the facebook fan page, this blog is the second step of my project whose goal is the creation of a publishing house online. The third step is the publication of booklets written by me in ebook format and in printed form. The future publishing house will publish not…

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