Anguish or Cancer: Who is the killer?

Perhaps you ask yourself why a Biblist – one who has studied the Bible – is interested in matters concerning human health. Because, for over a year now, I have been attending a course on biological laws. This course has been revolutionizing my understanding of the meaning of diseases. I discovered that human health is the most precious gift that God has given us and that, precisely for this reason, we need to keep it as carefully as possible. First of all we have to discover the true meaning of therapy.

In the Greek of the Gospels therapeuein doesn’t mean only to alleviate a symptom, but to worry, to deal with the patient as a person who has an inalienable dignity. My simple reflections, which I have been proposing for a few weeks, are just the beginning of the growing interest and growing attention I will dedicate to these themes from now on. In fact, I believe that each of us has the right to be well informed because the decision of the teraphy is a sacrosanct right of each of us.

So I talk concretely about what makes you really die. What causes anguish and what keeps it. We said that, even if you enjoy perfect health, we are pressed on all sides to do screening, or specialized checks to prevent disease, because prevention is better than cure, even if the best cure is not to prevent at all that which inevitably happens in life. But let’s proceed with order. I would like to give some examples, which would require a specialized understanding of biological laws, which I will discuss later. But I will speak in a very simple way, so that you can understand; especially those who have already come across a situation like this. Not being a doctor, these are just suggestions to start a reflection on human health and diseases, without any therapeutic claim.

Since your skin is full of moles you need a good annual check. In doing so perhaps we are pressed by our wife or our husband. So we go to the dermatologist who says that everything is quiet. But it can also happen that, sooner or later, the dermatologist finds something he doesn’t like, because a new and little mole has a strange shape, with a different color than usual. Then, order the excision of the mole and its histological examination. You go to the surgeon and within ten minutes the mole is removed. It is placed inside a solution and prepared for histological examination.

You are quiet until you know, for the first time, the hidden face of preventive medicine. The dermatologist’s secretary calls, saying that the exams are ready and that the professor would like to talk to us. Nothing alarming, you think. But when the specialist makes you sit down, opens the folder and begins to assume a somewhat worried expression, things suddenly change. Time seems to stop, the heart starts beating hard, while the cheeks are hot. The dermatologist says: unfortunately it was a melanoma. We need to deepen to see if there are metastases …

The beating still accelerates, the hands become cold, the eyes wide open and one is left speechless. You can not argue, not because you are not competent and you cannot ask questions. You can only say the words of a story already written, which many others have already said. Is it serious? It is not difficult to think about what the answer is …

What could the specialist have asked if we lived in a world different from ours? What has happened to you lately? All right in the family? Perhaps, if he had the patience to dialogue with the being more than with the patient, the specialist would discover that the person in front of him had suffered an attack, an insult – physically or metaphorically – a sort of direct smirching in the part of the body where melanoma has formed. Perhaps the patient will exclaim: You are right! This finding would have helped to reassure the person, without falling into the spiral of anguish. And if then the person asked: what is the relationship between this and melanoma? The great luminary could have answered this way: under the skin there is a deeper layer, called corium. It was the skin of the primitive living being, immediately after this had emerged from the waters, where he had lived until some time before. The corium served to defend the integrity of the person, a sort of shield to defend the external attacks. Therefore, this development of this skin is an important evolutionary step. It reveals the ability to adapt to new environmental challenges. This passage has been recorded in the brain of the living being from then on and transmitted from generation to generation until today. Whenever something similar happens – i.e. a real or figurative attack in a certain part of the skin – the corium reacts as it can and starts to proliferate. If this cells proliferation occurs in an area where melanophores are present, then we have melanoma. But don’t worry, now you know where this process started. You can decide whether to change direction or to continue to suffer this attack. Just know that, if you solve the problem that caused this, it will form a kind of smelly bubble that will then go into solution and everything will end there. But if you continue to ruminate on the matter, the process will start again and the melanoma will grow. However you don’t have to fear, because it is a process with a precise biological sense: defend yourself from external attacks. The process will remain in place, because the cells of melanoma are different from those of the bones, for example, and therefore they cannot produce secondary tumors. If it makes you feel comfortable, we can remove the mole and then we’ll see …

It is difficult to find a doctor who answers in this way. It may be that who will read this article will remain confused. However if you will have the patience to read the next articles, things will gradually become clearer. One thing is sure, to hear don’t worry or be quiet, is already part of true therapy. Obviously, everyone then decides what to do. The fundamental thing is that, through this decision, you feel safe, you feel with inner clarity that you have done the right thing, because it represents the real victory over anxiety. No one can meddle in this personal and intimate decision. However you need to know what can happen if you decide to choose the classic route. We’ll talk about it next time.

Simone Venturini


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