A book on an heroic mother

Chiara Corbella Petrillo dies at 28 years for a mouth cancer, during the fifth month of pregnancy, because she decided to postpone therapies to give birth to her child. He did it with joy, saying “Here I am”, thinking first of all to the good of the creature she is was carrying .

The story of Chiara, her husband and their son Francis Henry (as well as two other siblings already in Heaven), has surprised thousands of people throughout Italy and has spread quickly on the Internet and in the media . The youtube video of the Chiara’s funeral

Can the story of a woman who died young testify that life is a wonderful gift ? Can it testifies that following Christ, even in suffering, it means to follow the Light? (Cf. John chap. 8, verse 12)

The book Siamo nati e non moriremo mai piu (Edizioni Porziunsola 2013) tells us the story of Chiara, with words and memories of those who knew her and shared her profound faith’s experience. Chiara’s life did not give up in the face of death, becoming a sign of hope for all of us. You can buy it in bookstores or on IBS

Simone Venturini


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