A book for Italians abroad: Il libro segreto di Gesù

Il libro segreto di Gesù. I codici nascosti della resurrezione. I re giorni che hanno cambiato il mondo (Newton Compton Editori 2011).

It was a highly successful book, published in a few months in nine editions!

Jerusalem, April 7th year 30: Jesus is crucified on Golgotha and laid in a nearby tomb. According to the evidence presented in the Gospels, the body remained in the grave for about forty hours, from Friday evening until dawn of Sunday, April 9th. That morning, some women who had seen the crucifixion go there to pay homage to him, but to their amazement found an empty tomb. What happened during that time frame?

There are many hypotheses, some of which are based on the idea that Jesus’ body was stolen. Yet another theory, less well known, wants to shed light on what would happen inside the tomb. The Gospels are silent on this point completely. But today, on the basis of some archaeological evidence and new scientific results, you can dig deeper on this mystery.

Immediately after death, Jesus begins a journey into another world, another dimension. A journey that still hides a big secret to be revealed …

Some topics covered in the book:

• Who was the man called Jesus?

The reliability of witnesses

• The horrors of the crucifixion

• The fate of the “good thief”

• Structure of the tomb of Jesus

• The “secret code”: the transfiguration

• The Shroud of Turin and the latest shocking scientific research

• The near-death experiences

If you want to buy it online! It will be a pleasant and truly original reading of your summer!

Simone Venturini


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