Becoming a Vaticanist

Giovanni Tridente

My friend’s book – Becoming a Vaticanist: Religious Information in the Digital Age – is an indispensable tool for those people who want to become a Vaticanist – i.e. a journalist covering the Vatican – in complex times such as ours. Today it is very easy to follow the dominant current or the exclusive opinion of very influential people.

And with a Pope like Francis it is necessary to understand all his messages and speeches well and in deep. Otherwise it is very simple to misunderstand or to exploit his words. So the work of the Vaticanist is really important. The book ia useful guide for those people who want to transform their profession in a mission serving the people.

The book is also directed to those who want to know what these very special journalists do. It follows a brief summary of the method of work suggested by Giovanni Tridente:

«Informing on the Catholic Church requires some features that go beyond the classical becoming-a-vaticanist-9788883336652procedures of “simple” journalism: its social outreach is inseparably bound to its spiritual nature and understanding that is the first step in a journalistic narrative that is faithful to reason and the identity of the institution. That premise leads the way to know and learn several other specificities, starting from the dynamic that characterizes the “production” of information on the Church’s part – which is linked to the original mandate of its founder – to the principles that it animates and the hierarchical structure it characterizes. Understanding this, one can move on to examine the channels from where materials are drawn to elaborate (sources, documentation), which is also very specific, without neglecting in this case the aspect of training and professional growth. Good corporate communications support will then make a difference.»

Giovanni Tridente is Professor at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. You’ll find his book here.

Simone Venturini


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