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Jerusalem a city like no other!

Now, as then, Jerusalem – Yerushalem – is a coacervation of situations, people, contradictions, researchers, tourists, travelers, seekers of themselves and truth together. A symbol and even an archetype of how peace requires a difficult dialogue, but always possible for those who believe that truth is symphonic.

Now, as then, Jerusalem is really the umbilicus of the world, because from there two centuries-old currents and full of traditions have merged together, giving continually to the world the hope of becoming better. Jerusalem is the place from which everything started, because – over time – a man dead in his walls intersected and merged hopes, projects, anxieties, desires of every age and every culture.

For this reason, it is called Yeshu, that is, God saves; for this reason, it is called Christos, that is, the man in whom all secular expectations have been concentrated; for these it is called Kurios (i.e. Lord) because he loved men of almost impossible love. So he has the right to be considered the true ruler of every man.

The video I offer is the true face of Jerusalem, a face faceted and full of apparent contradictions that only a place rich in history and tradition like that could unify. Because real peace, true security, true physical and spiritual health – in a word shalom – are born only in this city from which a water and a light came from to save every life:

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Simone Venturini

Writer and Researcher at Vatican Secret Archives, Professor of Bible at Pontifical University of the Holy Cross od Rome

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