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How to understand the Bible (First part)

For centuries the Bible is at the center of debate not only about its content and doctrines, but also around the way by which understand it. The Jews interpret literally their Bible – which roughly corresponds to our Old Testament –  so striving to settle all difficulties and contradictions through…

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Did Enoch and Elijah ascend to heaven?

Some skeptics charge Jesus with missing out on Elijah being first to “ascend into heaven” but the solution is the same as it is today: The Hebrew word translated “heaven” in the first verse. shamiyim, simply means the sky, as “heavens” does metaphorically today. The “heavens” were also regarded as the…

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Biglino is not right! Extra biblical evidences about the Tower of Babel don’t exist

Kunsthistorisches Museum – Vienna This article is the answer to what appears in the Biglino’s blog about the Tower of Babel. This article is excerpted from the book of Alessandro and Alessio De Angelis, Oltre la mente di Dio. The authors believe that the Bible copied the Tower of Babel’s story…

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