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Biglino is not right! Extra biblical evidences about the Tower of Babel don’t exist


Kunsthistorisches Museum – Vienna This article is the answer to what appears in the Biglino’s blog about the Tower of Babel. This article is excerpted from the book of Alessandro and Alessio De Angelis, Oltre la mente di Dio. The authors believe that the Bible copied the Tower of Babel’s story …

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Who ‘the Elohim’ were? Divine beings? Angels? The God of Israel? (Second part)


Based on the Brown Driver Briggs’s Hebrew Dictionary we continue our research on the meaning of ELOHIM. Today we study two famous cases, where the reference is clearly to ‘God or divine beings’. The first case is Psalm 8:5: For thou hast made him a little lower than the ELOHIM, and hast …

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