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The mistery of Jesus’ Conception


I must say that I’ve never found a more fascinating and surprising theory of the virginal conception of Jesus than that of Andrew Lincoln, Professor at University of Gloucestershire (published in the November/December of the Bible Archaeology Review). He maintains that the virginal conception of Jesus should be considered from …

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Popular piety, part of our tradition


(Article written by Gian Domenico Daddabbo) Knowledge of Christ is not result of human intelligence; if it were, faith would corrispond to a cold intellectualistic elaboration: the Judaic concept of knowledge, absorbed by Christianism, means to experience, therefore the answer of heart succeeds to the one of mind and opens …

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The Pope Francis’ Encyclical letter on Ecology (First part)


Last year Pope Francis promulgated the enciclical letter “Laudato sii“. The encyclical letter is dedicated to the relationship between man and his environment. At the beginning of the letter there are the teachings on ecology of St. John XXIII, Paul VI, St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The are …

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God loves gays too!


Today it seems that admitting homosexual behavior is a necessity, not only among psychologists but also among christians. Even evangelicals say that homosexuals are not rejected by Bible doctrine. Most evangelical Christians believe instead that Bible unequivocally condemns homosexuality. The Book of Leviticus calls male-male sex “detestable,” while in the …

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The Pope Francis’ Encyclical letter on Ecology (Fifth part)


Today we resume the comment of the biblical reflections contained in the Encyclical letter “Laudato si’” of Pope Francis: 69. Together with our obligation to use the earth’s goods responsibly, we are called to recognize that other living beings have a value of their own in God’s eyes: “by their mere existence …

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