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The Pentateuch – An Overview (Deuteronomy)

In the most crucial and important periods of the Israel’s history when the Pentateuch was written, the Jews wanted to recap the events that have marked their lives, as individuals and as a people. Thus it was born the last book of the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy. Its name derives from the Greek…

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The Pentateuch – An Overview (From Genesis to Numbers)

The first and most fundamental part of the Pentateuch is Genesis 1-11. They put the history of Israel, which will be narrated from Genesis 12, as part of all humanity. The chapters do not speak of a series of events ordered in chronological sequence. Rather they make important questions: who…

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The Lazarus’ raising: a case of catalepsy?

“In Jesus’s time, people shared a deep fear of being buried alive and therefore made very specific arrangements to ensure that this could never happen. Bells and small cymbals sometimes appear in tombs, but only from the Byzantine period onwards. Indeed, the visits made to the tomb of Lazarus by…

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