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How to understand the Bible (First part)

For centuries the Bible is at the center of debate not only about its content and doctrines, but also around the way by which understand it. The Jews interpret literally their Bible – which roughly corresponds to our Old Testament –  so striving to settle all difficulties and contradictions through…

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The Composition of the Historical Books. From Judges to 2 Kings (Second part)

Until the end of the 1960s, Martin Noth’s theory – that of a single author for Dtr – remained basically unchanged, finding mainly confirmations and some minor correction. Among the supporters we find Ivan Engnell (1906-1964).  Otto Eissfeldt (1887-1973) argued that the complexity of the texts contained in the so-called Former Prophets…

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Becoming a Vaticanist

My friend’s book – Becoming a Vaticanist: Religious Information in the Digital Age – is an indispensable tool for those people who want to become a Vaticanist – i.e. a journalist covering the Vatican – in complex times such as ours. Today it is very easy to follow the dominant current or the…

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