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Jerusalem a city like no other!

Now, as then, Jerusalem – Yerushalem – is a coacervation of situations, people, contradictions, researchers, tourists, travelers, seekers of themselves and truth together. A symbol and even an archetype of how peace requires a difficult dialogue, but always possible for those who believe that truth is symphonic. Now, as then,…

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Who ‘the Elohim’ were? Divine beings? Angels? The God of Israel? (Second part)

Based on the Brown Driver Briggs’s Hebrew Dictionary we continue our research on the meaning of ELOHIM. Today we study two famous cases, where the reference is clearly to ‘God or divine beings’. The first case is Psalm 8:5: For thou hast made him a little lower than the ELOHIM, and hast…

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Who were the Deuteronomists?

As is often the case in the Bible, especially in the Pentateuch, it is very difficult – if not impossible – to describe the authors/editors a little more in detail. It is also for deuteronomists, those who wrote for the first time a history (not a historiography) of Israel. Here’s what…

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