How to understand the Bible (First part)

The Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome

For centuries the Bible is at the center of debate not only about its content and doctrines, but also around the way by which understand it. The Jews interpret literally their Bible – which roughly corresponds to our Old Testament –  so striving to settle all difficulties and contradictions through …

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The Storm God Baal


Probably all of you have heard speaking about “Baal”, the Canaanite divinity fiery opposed by the prophets (see e.g. Jeremy chap. 2, verse 23). Baal is an hebrew word borrowed by Phoenicians, and it was the storm’s god  worshipped by Canaanites before the Israelites conquest of the Promised Land. We …

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The Pope Francis’ Encyclical letter on Ecology (Second part)


Today I want to continue analyzing the encyclical letter “Laudato si’” of Pope Francis. I’ll analyze the letter’s parts where the Pope gives the biblical passages about ecology: 66. The creation accounts in the book of Genesis contain, in their own symbolic and narrative language, profound teachings about human existence and its …

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